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actually writing blog: YPP Weekend Blockades, May 12-13: a new ship and a newly committed work ethic (sorry not sorry)
2018-05-12 11:25 MDT

Woo. Haven't done one of these for a while. Partially it's because my Saturday mornings have been hectic lately. Either there have been events to attend and/or prepare for, or there have been leftovers from my Friday workday that absolutely had to get done . . . .

actually writing blog: collecting data and assembling furniture
2018-05-10 22:06 MDT

So... let's not talk about yesterday. Well, OK, let's; it's a very short story. The story is this: Brand-new epiphanic schedule reversals can only do so much when you're so bone-weary from the previous evening's off-skates workout that you can't get out of . . . .

actually writing blog: strike that. reverse it.
2018-05-09 00:07 MDT

I HAD AN EPIPHANY YESTERDAY. About the extreme difficulty of getting to the short story revision part of the day. About my entire work-flow. ABOUT HOW TO FIX IT. First up in the equation is time. I write more efficiently and productively in the mornings. . . . .

actually writing blog: a tent door closes, a submissions window opens
2018-05-03 14:00 MDT

The April 2018 edition of Camp NaNoWriMo is over. Toward my goal of 40 revision hours, I got about 10.75. Toward my story submission goal of getting all five Weekend Warrior contest entries revised and submitted, I got a whopping zero. I started one revisi . . . .

actually writing blog: and sometimes food, and maybe a movie or play
2018-04-25 23:06 MDT

I'm still working on the same story. The same 750-word flash fiction piece that I was just going to give a brief spit-and-polish revision before submitting to, oh, I dunno, Flash Fiction Online. Well. It's not flash anymore and I'm still working on it. I . . . .

actually writing blog: someone who isn't me reads a friday fictionette and you can listen
2018-04-19 23:39 MDT

It has happened at last! Y'all remember I said that a revised version of "What Dreams May Hatch," the Friday Fictionette for September 26, 2014, would be featured on the Toasted Cake podcast sometime in April 2018? WELL, GUESS WHAT. It's April 2018, and th . . . .

actually writing blog: where i'm at and where i'm going
2018-04-07 16:46 MDT

No Puzzle Pirates/Spiral Knights blogging today. Had as much as I could do getting the Friday Fictionette for April 6 out on not-quite-time, and then it was half past noon and time to go eat crawfish. More about both in the paragraphs what follow. I swear . . . .

actually writing blog: lather rinse whine repeat
2018-04-05 00:33 MDT

I have been slowly working my way through the revision of "Survival, After." It was under 750 words when I first wrote it; it had to be, given the constraints of the contest I wrote it for. Now it just has to be whatever length it needs to be in order to s . . . .

actually writing blog: whether it's an excuse or an explanation depends on the night
2018-04-03 23:52 MDT

OMG lookit me I'm writing after derby. Help. I go back and forth on whether I can usefully get stuff done after derby. When I started this post during the last half hour before practice, I was thinking, this whole "can't work after derby, sorry" thing is . . . .

actually writing blog: and by here i mean now
2018-04-02 18:12 MDT

As April begins, seeing as how I haven't really blogged regularly for about a month, it seems like we're due a little "here's where we're at" post. And by "we" I mean me. Here's where me's at. Me's at a good place with Friday Fictionettes. I'm really, rea . . . .

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