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actually writing blog: a tale of two pot pie calzones
2015-07-02 23:52 MDT

OK, so, Pot Pie Calzones. These are something you might do if you have leftover pizza dough and would like to use it up in a non-pizza kind of way. Mine were carnivorous, but yours don't have to be. This is a very flexible sort of use-up-the-leftovers meal . . . .

Puzzle Pirates Examiner: How to earn the July 2015 Seal o' Piracy
2015-07-02 23:48 MDT

Ahoy, mateys! How'd you do with your Seal o' Piracy collection these past couple months? Did you pillage your hearts out in May and climb to tournament fame in June? Well, now 'tis July, and to...

actually writing blog: painless paneer and a fictionette freebie
2015-07-01 23:53 MDT

I've got more recipes to share! Why? Because I win at leftovers, and that is a fine, fine feeling. I've also got this month's Fictionette Freebie for everybody. I decided on "You Could Go a Long Way in Shoes Like Those" because I think it's funny and I wa . . . .

actually writing blog: this fictionette can carry a tune
2015-06-30 23:44 MDT

Behold! On this very last day of the month, we have the Friday Fictionette for the fourth week of June 2015. It's called "Every Note Passes Away Forever." It's got music in it, and also another funeral. Possibly a tiny bit derivative--I mean reminiscent--o . . . .

Puzzle Pirates Examiner: Puzzle Pirates blockade schedule for the weekend of June 27-28
2015-06-27 15:57 MDT

This week's blockade round-up comes to you a tad late, but don't worry--there's still plenty of weekend left to fight for islands and earn some PoE. Once again, every Ocean other than...

actually writing blog: the workshop ate my homework
2015-06-26 23:56 MDT

Pictured at right is a large part of the reason that the July 26 Friday Fictionette will be late. This is the walking-in-the-door view of our storage closet, which is located downstairs in the parking garage. Every unit in the building gets one. Bigger uni . . . .

actually writing blog: we have met the enemy, yadda yadda yadda
2015-06-25 23:59 MDT

Being a terribly self-indulgent iteration of the steps by which a mind sabotages itself. This is how it begins: "Oh, crud! I overslept! The whole day is ruined!" "No, wait, it's OK. There's still plenty of day left. Not all is lost!" "In fact... heck, I . . . .

actually writing blog: this fictionette is only for the strong of stomach
2015-06-23 22:21 MDT

So here's the Friday Fictionette I was supposed to post for June 19. It's called "All Creatures Great and Small," and it is, at least partially, about puking. (That's by way of your content warning. You may not want to read it while you're eating.) It's al . . . .

actually writing blog: the great and hyperlocal outdoors
2015-06-22 23:41 MDT

I've many times sung excited praises of our great new indoors. But the great outdoors in our neighborhood is worth a mention. First, have I mentioned that we get deer? This first photo is the sight that greeted me when I headed out the door Saturday morni . . . .

Puzzle Pirates Examiner: Puzzle Pirates blockade schedule for the weekend of June 20-21
2015-06-20 13:30 MDT

Ahoy! After some weeks of absence, your chronicler has returned to give you the weekend's blockade schedule--all in one place, so you don't have to log onto six different oceans to find out where the...

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