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actually writing blog: have camera, will create Friday Fictionette cover art
2014-09-19 23:20 MDT

One of these days, I'll publish my Friday Fictionette somewhat earlier in the day. Like, maybe while it's still light out. This ten-at-night business is silly. In any case, it's up now. You can read an excerpt right here on this blog, over at Wattpad, or . . . .

actually writing blog: soon to reappear upon the hundred-word stage
2014-09-18 23:31 MDT

Good news in the email today: Two more of my drabbles will be appearing at SpeckLit in the very near future! One'll be showing up in early November, and the other in late December. I'm very pleased. Out of the batch of five that I submitted this time aroun . . . .

Boulder Writing Examiner: Upcoming literary events at the Boulder Book Store, Innisfree Poetry Cafe
2014-09-18 08:02 MDT

Your Examiner has three upcoming literary events in Boulder to report, two of them on Thursday night and the third a couple of weeks out. Let's get started!Claudia Van Gerven readingWhen: Thursday, September 18 from 7:00...

actually writing blog: story production engines firing on all four cylinders
2014-09-17 23:13 MDT

I finished the exploratory draft of the new story today. It's still got no title, but that's OK. That'll come during revision. More troubling is that it clocks in at 3,380 words. That's more than double the cut-off called for in the submission guidelines. . . . .

actually writing blog: creating monsters: on the page and on the track
2014-09-16 23:12 MDT

The submission guidelines call for a maximum word length of 1400. I wrote 1557 words of rough draft today and I'm only halfway through. Not even halfway through. I'm a little worried, I won't lie. But I know that today's words were, well, wordy. It's explo . . . .

Puzzle Pirates Examiner: Take the Kraken Soft Wall challenge and row, row, row your boat out beyond zebra
2014-09-16 12:25 MDT

Apologies for the lack of crafting puzzle content today. Your Examiner's funny bone has been tickled. Check this out.So, the Kraken sea monster hunt was recently released to production, and Wutai on the Cerulean Ocean got to...

actually writing blog: rewriting my relationship with deadlines starts now
2014-09-15 23:08 MDT

Until about 2 PM today I was under the impression that the deadline on submissions to An Alphabet of Embers, edited by the most excellent Rose Lemberg, was September 15. That is, today. Which misconception gave me two specific thoughts: First, that it was . . . .

Puzzle Pirates Examiner: Puzzle Pirates blockade schedule for the weekend of September 13-14
2014-09-13 13:09 MDT

There is only one (1) blockade schedule on the Cerulean Ocean this weekend, and it's over the Island of Eta. Quoth Calamarie of Dies Irae, "So Vova felt all left out of last weekends actions, so he...

actually writing blog: a little light comedy with your fictionette
2014-09-12 23:14 MDT

Another Friday, another fictionette. Read it in its entirety or, if you're not quite ready to chuck a buck at it, read an excerpt on Wattpad or right here. Despite the aforementioned difficulties, I think I'm getting better at this. Which is to say, getti . . . .

actually writing blog: but fridays are supposed to be not quite ready for prime time
2014-09-10 22:33 MDT

It's only my second week into this project, but I'm already running into difficulties with Friday Fictionettes. They aren't insurmountable, nor are they unforeseen, but they sure are noticeable. And prompt! The obvious one is the temptation to spend my en . . . .

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