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actually writing blog: in which we discover how far I can make seventeen crawfish stretch
2015-07-28 23:18 MDT

OMG you guyz I win at dinner like I have never won before. Crawfish bisque and crawfish Monica, starring crawfish that I caught myself in the creek next door and boiled in my own kitchen. How could it be possible for this not to make me win? I win. Grante . . . .

actually writing blog: you get a line i'll get a pole because apparently we don't need nets
2015-07-27 23:59 MDT

It's summer and I feel like Calvin of "and Hobbes" fame. "The days are just packed!" Today I was running around barefoot all over my neighborhood, wading in Wonderland Creek, and fishing for crawfish, honest to any God you care to name. I pretty much spent . . . .

Puzzle Pirates Examiner: Puzzle Pirates blockade schedule for the weekend of July 25-26
2015-07-25 13:28 MDT

Are you anti-tree or pro-tree? This is apparently a thing. Bacon Strips announced on Monday that if they win today's blockades on Emerald, they'll petition to remove the fenced-in tree from Aimuari and...

actually writing blog: this fictionette had trouble wording its wishes
2015-07-24 23:55 MDT

We're back to wrapping up the Friday Fictionette at stupid o'clock at night, I'm afraid. In addition to my usual bad time management, there was the problem that this fictionette, despite my having worked on it every day all week long, was still giving me r . . . .

actually writing blog: rough drafts are rough. don't like it? tough.
2015-07-21 23:42 MDT

The expansion on the drabble is coming along, but it's coming along rough. I have to continuously remind myself that it's OK, because this really is more of a first draft than a revision. I mean, yes, I'm building off of an already-written 100-word version . . . .

actually writing blog: this fictionette skated by faster than the eye can follow
2015-07-20 23:29 MDT

I swear I got the Friday Fictionette done on time! Early, in fact. It's called "Protective Coloration" and it's got more fairy-like creatures in the corner of the protagonist's eye. It only took about two hours to proof, publish, and record the PDF and MP3 . . . .

Puzzle Pirates Examiner: Puzzle Pirates blockade schedule for the weekend of July 18-19
2015-07-18 13:44 MDT

So all the cool kids are on the Cerulean and Emerald Oceans today. Nothing's happening on Meridian or Jade this weekend, and, as usual, the one blockade on Opal happened at 3:00 AM Pirate Time and was...

actually writing blog: no, seriously, pull up the floorboards, i mean it
2015-07-16 23:41 MDT

Today's Submission Procedures session was extremely productive. I logged a new rejection letter--"It's For You" came back after only 6 days out. I logged it in my own database, and at the Submission Grinder, and I posted about it to a forum where people po . . . .

actually writing blog: outmoded, inconvenient, messy, elegant, satisfying
2015-07-15 23:37 MDT

Pictured here is my second-hand typewriter, a Sears Tower which appears to be identical to the 1950s-era portable Smith-Corona Sterling. I bought it from a co-worker back in the late '90s. Then, upon my lamenting that it had features I'd no idea how to use . . . .

actually writing blog: the game i'm supposed to be playing
2015-07-14 23:42 MDT

So apparently it takes me another, what, three hours? THREE HOURS to get what ought to have been a simple Hugo Awards 101 blog post done. Seriously, it is not worth it. I need to be able to prioritize, and, when priorities are low, turn the exhaustive perf . . . .

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