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actually writing blog: extra-curricular skating and the daily afternoon nap
2015-09-02 23:40 MDT

Guess what?! I went skating today. Just for an hour, but still. We drove over to the Riverwalk at Edwards, had a little lunch at Local Joe's Pizza (not to be confused with Loaded Joe's, whose Avon location is still on my to-be-visited list this week), the . . . .

actually writing blog: literary adventures in avon
2015-09-02 00:36 MDT

Hello from Avon, Colorado! John and I have run away from home for the week, as we sometimes do. It's a working vacation for both of us, but the change of scenery is always nice, as is that freedom from household responsibility that comes from staying in a . . . .

actually writing blog: and monday is the new saturday for this fictionette
2015-08-31 19:27 MDT

I'm late, and I'm going to be even later. I just put up the PDF edition of the Friday Fictionette for August 28, "How Featherkind Got Its Song." Patrons pledging at least $1/month can download it right this second. Hurrah! And now I must run to pick up Jo . . . .

actually writing blog: Puzzle Pirates weekend blockade roundup: Accusations and cannonballs fly
2015-08-29 13:51 MDT

Note: Apparently my Puzzle Pirates Examiner gig got terminated last week, but I never noticed until I tried to post the Blockade Schedule this morning and the drop-down menu for assigning an article to one column or the other was missing. Alas! I suppose I . . . .

actually writing blog: Saturday is the new Friday
2015-08-28 22:02 MDT

In some ways, today rocked. In others, it was made of fail. Guess which one all things writing-related fell into? This week's Friday Fictionette, as well as the blog post of substance that should accompany it, will appear tomorrow. Today, I'm turning in e . . . .

actually writing blog: saved by my morning cuppa
2015-08-27 23:09 MDT

So this morning was Go Time. John had to get to the airport for an 11:45 a.m. flight, which meant leaving the house at 9:00. I set my alarm for 8:00 so I'd have time to do my Morning Pages before we left. (I get to click the happy habit plus-mark on Habiti . . . .

actually writing blog: people who aren't my people
2015-08-26 22:01 MDT

It is seriously amazing how much inspiration you can get just listening to conversations in a bar. Annoying conversations. Held by conversationalists that are absolutely not your people. That's my new theory. Bear with me for a bit. Derby practice is don . . . .

actually writing blog: sore and slow and late, but nevertheless optimistic and full of plans
2015-08-25 23:05 MDT

It was just a regular cleaning. There was no anesthetic involved, no surgery, no deep probing beneath the gums. It was just a regular dental cleaning. Nevertheless, dear reader, it kicked me in the teeth. After the dental hygienist was done with me, I ma . . . .

actually writing blog: curry for crawfish monday
2015-08-24 22:32 MDT

Today was crawfish Monday. I made sure of that, because next week I'll be in Avon, CO and unlikely to do any crawfishing. Not just because I don't know where the good crawfishing spots thereabouts might be, and not just because the water might already have . . . .

actually writing blog: this fictionette does not approve of your use of gladiators
2015-08-21 20:21 MDT

Hola! So it's Friday again. A fictionette appears! In this corner, chthonic beasts from the darkest depths of the earth. Opposing them: a quartet of careless picnickers and their unfortunate army of disposable gladiators and household staff. It's called "A . . . .

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