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actually writing blog: Seal o' Piracy, October 2015: i can count to two (usually)
2015-10-12 21:31 MDT

I have no idea what to blog about tonight, so I'm going to cheat and blog about Puzzle Pirates. It's not that much of a cheat; it's what I would have posted yesterday, had not yesterday's roller derby practice utterly kicked my butt and temporarily jacked . . . .

actually writing blog: YPP Weekend Blockade Roundup for Oct 10-11: Legacies of every kind
2015-10-10 12:58 MDT

So the news on the Emerald Ocean is that Qlimax Telecom is back and is blockading everything in sight. Or at least, everything owned by Illuminati. I sure hope that Illuminati is defending, because after reading that forum post, I not only have absolutely . . . .

actually writing blog: a familiar fictionette for oh-dark-thirty
2015-10-10 02:13 MDT

It's ridiculous-o-clock at night, which is when Fictionettes get finished when your fictioneer is foolish. But F all that. Here it is: "A Familiar Situation," which is what our protagonist finds herself getting into when she accepts a sorcerer's offer of i . . . .

actually writing blog: a thing to do with only nine crawfish
2015-10-07 23:07 MDT

I'm distracting you with a recipe again. Distracting you from what, you ask? Shush, I say. Distraction commences. So the weather got rainy and chill lately, chill enough that we started turning our heater back on from time to time. But although temperatur . . . .

actually writing blog: YPP Weekend Blockade Roundup for Oct 3-4
2015-10-03 13:15 MDT

So Babylon is "back, and fourteen times more ready to blockade than before." Which is fortuitous, because when we last heard from them, they were not going to blockade anymore, and especially not against Dies Irae. Against whom they have declared no less t . . . .

actually writing blog: this fictionette ain't goin' nowhere but maybe round the corner for a beer
2015-10-03 00:40 MDT

The first Friday Fictionette for October is a small folk tale retelling, or a folk tale fanfic if you will. It's called "How the Lassie Didn't Go East of the Sun and West of the Moon," and it posits a lot more communication and common sense than is the nor . . . .

actually writing blog: dealing with wheels and dealers
2015-09-29 23:59 MDT

I brought my bike in for maintenance today. Actually, I brought it in for maintenance last week, but after evaluating all the work the bike needed, it was determined that we'd need to order a part before work could be done. Today I got the call that the pa . . . .

actually writing blog: this fictionette knows how to bide its time
2015-09-28 22:07 MDT

Well, last week's Friday Fictionette didn't make it up on time either, but it went up Saturday, and I'm-a gonna tell you about it. It's called "The New Criminal Element," and it's about deer. And hooligans! Deer who are hooligans. Just as you always suspec . . . .

actually writing blog: YPP Weekend Blockade Roundup for Sept 26-27
2015-09-26 13:39 MDT

Today is an exciting day in blockades: On the Jade Ocean, uninhabited Isla Ventress is being blockaded. Unlike the Emerald Ocean version, which is of course more populated, Jade's Pelican Archipelago only features three islands you can get to by Free Ferr . . . .

actually writing blog: here is a fictionette, tomorrow you get another
2015-09-24 23:29 MDT

So I didn't get it done Sunday. And I didn't get it done Monday. I got it done yesterday, and today you get the blog post about it: "The Celebrated Frog Forger of Clackamas County" is your Friday Fictionette for September 18, 2015. So there. Why a frog? B . . . .

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