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Puzzle Pirates Examiner: Puzzle Pirates blockade schedule for the weekend of April 25-26
2015-04-25 12:16 MDT

Arrrrgh mateys! Yer chronicler is greatly pressed f'r time what with assorted landlubbery obligations, so she presents without further ado the schedule for this weekend's blockades. Spoiler: Pretty much everything is on the Emerald Ocean.....

actually writing blog: this fictionette just happened to turn up a couple blocks away
2015-04-24 23:01 MDT

Wonder of wonders, a Friday Fictionette that is on time. With accompanying audio, Wattpad excerpt, and everything. Who's impressed with me? I'm impressed with me. Especially since I stayed in bed until an embarrassingly PM hour, all achy from last night's . . . .

actually writing blog: sneaky hobbitses is thirty-nine now precious
2015-04-23 23:59 MDT

Totally spaced that today was coming up, since a whole bunch of other April dates have overshadowed it, but--today is "no longer 'almost'" day. Which is to say, I am no longer almost 39. I can own that number, y'all! Woot! I had rather a hobbit's birthday . . . .

actually writing blog: lessons learned on the road
2015-04-22 23:54 MDT

Behold, another Friday Fictionette getting posted the following Wednesday. You can read an excerpt of "The Fourth Miracle of Emmaline Gray" at Patreon and, if you are so moved, become a Patron at $1/month to read the whole thing right now this second. Audi . . . .

actually writing blog: a report from halfway to destination
2015-04-16 22:53 MDT

Greetings from Columbia, Missouri, home of the 87th Missouri FFA Convention! We reached Kansas City, KS/MO by about 7 PM and felt we had it in us to push on. Discovering that the convention had eaten up almost every single hotel room in Columbia almost mad . . . .

actually writing blog: and they're off like a herd of tortoises
2015-04-15 23:55 MDT

All right, already, it's up. "The Moon and the Mage's Gloves" is the Friday Fictionette for April 10, available in PDF and MP3 formats for Patrons at the appropriate tiers. Link goes to the excerpt posted to Patreon. The Wattpad excerpt is not yet up, nor . . . .

actually writing blog: there is a time and a place for dominoes this is not it
2015-04-14 23:44 MDT

So last week's fictionette is still not ready. However, there will be a bonus fictionette this month (for reasons which I will explain later), so I hope y'all will consider that sufficient means of making it up to you. And this Friday's should be on time, . . . .

actually writing blog: imagine if we had to do this every year
2015-04-10 23:22 MDT

With many an apology, I must sadly announce that this week's Friday Fictionette will be late. Now: Raise your hands, anyone who is surprised by this. Seriously, I thought I'd be able to get at least a little writing done in between stuff-moving carloads an . . . .

actually writing blog: you're gonna carry that weight for a long time
2015-04-09 23:49 MDT

As expected, I haven't been able to write much this week. Any time not spent sleeping or at derby practice, has been spent moving items from our old address to our new. There have been many carloads, and each carload required multiple trips up and down the . . . .

actually writing blog: scenes from an unofficial house warming
2015-04-08 23:59 MDT

Things Become Irrelevant. The housewife contemplates the laundry machines. She has options now. She can run a small load on half the water. She can tumble her yoga pants and sports bra on an hour of the air dry setting. It won't be a waste of quarters. Qua . . . .

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