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actually writing blog: another dude at a bus stop, another lesson in HOW NOT TO APPROACH WOMEN
2016-07-21 23:32 MDT

OK, so, last week's Fictionette is live! Yayyyyy. It is called "The Revolution of the Flies." It bears a certain similarity to Rush's "The Trees," which was not at first intentional but which I came to embrace by the end. Below the Friday Fictionette cove . . . .

actually writing blog: lateness adds to lateness but this train comes equipped with brakes
2016-07-19 22:59 MDT

Hey! So. All the things are late. What I'm mostly trying to do is keep the late things from making the not-yet-late things late. Thus, today I put in my ''pom'' on this week's Friday Fictionette, then at least two on last week's. It's possible that they'll . . . .

actually writing blog: being the tragic comedy and comic tragedy of the death and resurrection of the 1997 Saturn SW2
2016-07-12 23:29 MDT

Oh, my goodness, it's been a normal day at last. A normal day, with normal workday expectations, with the normal workday rituals, and with the normal battle between me and the short story currently under revision. (There are things I want said in the first . . . .

actually writing blog: YPP Weekend Blockades, July 9-10: Wrapped up with a Friday Fictionette in one pretty Christmas (in July) package
2016-07-09 12:20 MDT

Efficiency strikes again, and not lateness at all! In fact, the Friday Fictionette for July 8 went up on time from a charging station in Denver International Airport. It's just that I'm only blogging about it today. And I only just uploaded the excerpt tod . . . .

actually writing blog: this fictionette is having a secret magical affair
2016-07-02 01:40 MDT

Hi, y'all. It's stupid-o-clock in the morning and I have to be out of here by 9:30 am, so here we go: The Friday Fictionette for July 1 is "Partners in Crime," which is sort of like Romeo and Juliet except it's more like Romeo and Horatio and it's not a lo . . . .

actually writing blog: this fictionette had to wait awhile for its ride
2016-06-24 23:37 MDT

Y'all, I am exhausted. I have had a day. I have had several days packed into a single day. A tow truck was involved. It was that kind of a day. Thanks to the tow truck, we did get to our hotel in Salt Lake City. That's where I'm at, and I'm about to turn . . . .

actually writing blog: and sleep but not too much at all is really all i want
2016-06-23 23:49 MDT

I think I have managed to do all the things. The car has received needed maintenance. My back has received needed maintenance. I have completed all of this week's fictionette that couldn't be done on the drive or in the hotel, which means finishing the te . . . .

actually writing blog: you only get one back but also only 24 hours in a day
2016-06-22 23:56 MDT

The linden tree out front opened its blossoms today sometime between 9:00 AM and noon. I'm guessing, anyway. It only makes sense. I didn't notice smelling it on my way out to the car this morning, but when I got back around lunch time the scent hit me like . . . .

actually writing blog: stick a fork in it and call it entertainment
2016-06-21 23:02 MDT

There's a point with any piece of writing when you have to just declare it done and send it out into the world. There are a number of ways to recognize when you've come to that point. For instance, author and writing instructor Jim Macdonald reminds us tha . . . .

actually writing blog: anniversary number what the heck my how time flies
2016-06-20 23:52 MDT

Today was the summer solstice and also our wedding anniversary, John's and mine. The two do not always coincide, what with the solstice's wandering each year between the 20th and the 22nd, but it fell on the 20th back in 1998 when we chose to hold our hand . . . .

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