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actually writing blog: what i did after i came home from my summer not-so-vacation
2018-09-01 01:46 MDT

It's been almost a week since I've said hi. Hi, blog! Stuff has been happening. I came home from Omaha on Monday! I got sick! Now I'm getting better! I had a massage and a day off from practice on Tuesday, then I had classic sinusy crap on Wednesday, and . . . .

actually writing blog: all's well that ends with a bang
2018-08-25 22:12 MDT

Hey hey! We won today! Boulder County: 260; Pikes Peak: 167. Our goal was 1. to win, and 2. by a bigger margin than last time we played them, and, hot damn, that's what we did. Good job, BCB! Live Bold, Bleed Gold! I'm told we looked a lot more together, . . . .

actually writing blog: couldn't have happened to a nicer team
2018-08-24 23:09 MDT

Alas, we lost our Day 1 game. It was a decisive loss, too. Happy Valley 199, Boulder County 123. And there really wasn't much more we could have done about it. Sometimes you go in, you do all the things you've been practicing, but it's just not enough beca . . . .

actually writing blog: derby to eat my weekend live in HD
2018-08-23 22:34 MDT

Hi, y'all. I'm in Omaha (well, actually, Ralston), Nebraska at the Holiday Inn that shares a parking lot with the Ralston Arena (see?), and tomorrow is Day 1 of the North America West Continental Cup. Basically, it's Division 2 Playoffs only under a new re . . . .

actually writing blog: but what is achievable is itself worthwhile, and worth celebrating
2018-08-13 20:53 MDT

This week is off to a great start. I'm kind of being sarcastic here, but also not. Not sarcastic because I have been so productive! Even over the weekend! But also sarcastic because MOTHS. Awful, awful moths. Awful, awful levels of intense household cleani . . . .

actually writing blog: YPP Weekend Blockades, August 4-5: Guess who's back? No, not ME. I mean THEM.
2018-08-04 14:34 MDT

The Friday Fictionette for August 3 went up last night (very late last night). It's called "We're All in This Together." It's sort of about consensual dytopias and sort of weird. Subscribers can download the ebook and/or audiobook from Patreon. Interested . . . .

actually writing blog: the good news is we don't have to go deeper
2018-07-30 23:07 MDT

Today we're gonna talk about procrastination. Or, rather, avoidance; procrastination is merely a common visible symptom of avoidance, Avoidance that, in my case, leads to further avoidance. Contagious avoidance that infects previously unaffected tasks. Rec . . . .

actually writing blog: this must be friday i never was any good at fridays
2018-07-27 23:51 MDT

This may not be news, considering how many times I've said "The Friday Fictionette for this week will be late again" (and yes, I am saying it again) but I kind of suck at Fridays. I'm still not sure whether I suck at Fridays in an avoidable way or not. H . . . .

actually writing blog: newsflash: simple isn't, easy ain't
2018-07-25 23:55 MDT

OMG there is a PLOT HOLE in my story. This is not a typo; this is an honest-to-goodness LOGIC ERROR. Which was present when the story went out on submission the first time. SHAME. So... the protagonist is only home because of taking a semester off from co . . . .

actually writing blog: things return to normal, for fairly decent values of normal
2018-07-24 12:47 MDT

Yesterday I got to everything but the blogging, so today I'm starting with the blogging. This my occasional strategy for making sure I do all of the writing things--start with whatever didn't happen yesterday, to make sure it happens today. I am very cleve . . . .

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