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actually writing blog: this fictionette shoulda been more silly
2016-10-24 18:34 MDT

First order of business: I have finally posted the Friday Fictionette for October 21. It is "Shoulda Been a Wizard" (for subscribers, here are full text links for the ebook and audiobook editions). It's about this guy who wants to relive his past and get i . . . .

actually writing blog: blogging for people who ought to be editing
2016-10-18 23:41 MDT

I was wrong--today was not a day with no appointments. Thankfully I remembered before it was too late. Tuesday! Tuesdays mean farm share! So I went and picked that up around 1:00 PM. There were sweet bell peppers and hot poblano peppers and another little . . . .

actually writing blog: this fictionette missed its usual bus out of the garden of eden
2016-10-17 23:39 MDT

Ahoy, I got yer Friday Fictionette right here. The one I was supposed to have out on the 14th. It's called "In the Infinite Shadows of Eden" and it's the inevitable Adam-and-Eve pastiche. Don't most writers eventually write one? (Please don't tell me other . . . .

actually writing blog: there is a thing called Death Of The Author but thankfully this ain't it
2016-10-16 20:52 MDT

Not dead. Not vanished. Just very, very tired. Partially to do with disruption of sleep patterns (such as they were), partially with a surprise accumulation of appointments, and mostly with how after some six weeks off from roller derby practice I've been . . . .

actually writing blog: YPP Weekend Blockades, October 8-9; also the latest in Friday Fictionettes (Oct 7, Sept Freebie)
2016-10-08 11:43 MDT

This'll be a dual-purpose blog post. If you're here for the weekend Puzzle Pirates blockade schedule, click this to go straight there. If you're here for Friday's Fictionette announcement, read on. The Friday Fictionette for October 7 went up late last ni . . . .

actually writing blog: story solutions, unexpected uptime, and tempation
2016-10-06 09:19 MDT

Hello from the new Metropolitan Lounge at Chicago Union Station! My first time there since the renovation. It is an elegant two-story monstrosity accessible from the Great Hall or from the west side of Canal Street or from the stairs inside the main west-s . . . .

actually writing blog: short story season, novel writing season
2016-10-05 10:55 MDT

I'll be getting on a train in about three hours (as of the time of starting this blog post), so I'm blogging now rather than later. Today's topic: My cunning plan to accomplish all my fiction goals, both long and short. I have for many years now considere . . . .

actually writing blog: well maybe more of a workout vacation
2016-10-04 23:22 MDT

I've come to the last night of what has been an exceedingly active visit to the New Orleans area. It has not in any way been a working vacation, which, OK, I shouldn't have expected. But it has been an active one. Darn near athletic. I've spent a lot of t . . . .

actually writing blog: this fictionette fulfilled almost all expectations
2016-10-01 13:03 MDT

The Friday Fictionette nominally for September 23, 2016 but functionally for September 30 has gone up. I put it up last night, but then I pretty much collapsed, so you get the blog post today. It's "Living It Up," and, as mentioned before, it's mostly a sh . . . .

actually writing blog: eighty percent chance of solid offline productivity
2016-09-29 14:30 MDT

Tonight, like last night, I'll spend on a train with no internet access. My only chance to upload a blog post will be during my five-hour layover, and only a very little of that since I have made plans to visit with an old friend. Which means I'm blogging . . . .

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