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actually writing blog: they're a dime a dozen around here
2014-11-25 23:30 MST

Bear with me a moment. I've had an epiphany. (Yes, another one.) The other day I was, once again, doing my daily freewriting exercise. I was using for a writing prompt the dream I'd had that morning, which had posited some fairly out-of-character behavior . . . .

actually writing blog: a mark of the changing seasons
2014-11-24 23:44 MST

Farm Mondays have more or less come to an end for 2014. The default has flipped: From here on out, the assumption is that unless I hear otherwise, there will not be a Monday crew. Today was the last Monday where it was the other way around, and even so, I . . . .

Puzzle Pirates Examiner: Puzzle Pirates blockade schedule for the weekend of November 22-23
2014-11-22 14:30 MST

Notably absent from this weekend's blockade schedule is the entire Cerulean Ocean. Ain't nothing blockade-like going on there. Even Jade, featuring as it does a double defense against a Brigand King attack on Isla Ventress...

actually writing blog: an antisocial fictionette determines to be a better neighbor
2014-11-22 00:04 MST

This week's Friday Fictionette is called "Your Neighbor's Keeper." And it took me something like half an hour of staring at the screen to come up with that title, so you'd better appreciate it. Seriously, what is with me and titles? Sometimes I wonder whet . . . .

actually writing blog: good for what ails you
2014-11-19 23:07 MST

Lately my writing process, if not my writing itself, has been suffering from a feeling of futility. There's the guilt of still having not revised "Caroline's Wake" and a sinking feeling that I'll never get it revised ever. There's the sense that this redis . . . .

actually writing blog: hey look a new drabble
2014-11-18 23:17 MST

I'm not quite sure how it fell off my radar, but November 2 arrived a couple weeks ago and brought with it my latest drabble publication at SpeckLit. It's called "East of Omaha, West of San Francisco," and it's about one person's very small rebellion again . . . .

actually writing blog: a weekend of mixed blessings (not writing related)
2014-11-17 23:41 MST

I skated in my new boots for the first time at Sunday practice. (That is, for the real first time. I don't count the five minutes of rolling around at Skate Ratz so I could adjust my toe-stops to a comfortable height and confirm that the newly mounted plat . . . .

Puzzle Pirates Examiner: Puzzle Pirates blockade schedule for the weekend of November 15-16
2014-11-15 13:15 MST

This weekend's blockade hot-spot is the Emerald Ocean, where Razor Leaf and This Means War are contesting two islands between themselves around 1:15 in the afternoon, and Black Dawn Brigade are after adding both Manu Island...

actually writing blog: this homesick fictionette does not welcome our kryptonite overlords
2014-11-14 22:44 MST

I'm going to blame today's lackluster NaNoWriMo performance on all the other things I did with my time, primary among them the posting of this week's Friday Fictionette. Last week was my first time being late to upload, and I'd like it to be my last, too. . . . .

actually writing blog: i console myself with roller derby equipment
2014-11-13 23:23 MST

It is so very cold along the Front Range this week. It tempted us to light a fire in the fireplace yesterday, which was lovely and cozy and bright and romantic and all--but now the whole house smells like woodsmoke. Also we turned the heater up a notch las . . . .

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