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Puzzle Pirates Examiner: Puzzle Pirates blockade schedule for the weekend of February 28-March 1
2015-02-28 13:41 MST

Whoo! We got blockades. Bunches of blockades! Page down and you will see all the blockades. Meanwhile, here's some highlights:Cerulean Ocean Universe A declared, via sequential art, an intent to attack Crimson Tide on the picturesque...

actually writing blog: wait let my check my notes
2015-02-25 20:18 MST

Last week I declared this week to be the week of Finishing The Short Story Rewrite, Dammit. Let's see how that's going, shall we? Monday we spent frantically cleaning the house and putting things in storage, because... Tuesday was the day the realtor too . . . .

actually writing blog: better late than ooh hey look shiny
2015-02-23 23:37 MST

Well. It wasn't up Saturday, and it wasn't up Sunday. But it's up now: "Ink That Casts a Shadow," the Friday Fictionette for (nominally) February 20. It's totally pretentious and meta and a story whose protagonist is an author that's totally not me, totall . . . .

Puzzle Pirates Examiner: Puzzle Pirates blockade schedule and forum roundup for February 21-22
2015-02-21 14:22 MST

The news on Meridian is that a brand new flag--founded just this week!--is making its debut on the blockade scene. Peaceful Protest is dropping a war chest on Spectre Island, with round one to start at 9:00...

actually writing blog: various lights sighted at the end of various tunnels
2015-02-20 23:16 MST

Alas, this week's Friday Fictionette will arrive on Saturday. Today has just been one of those days, full of unforeseen things hijacking my plans. And now it is almost eleven o' clock, and the idea of doing a rush job on the PDF is simply painful. Also, m . . . .

actually writing blog: the wheels keep on turning and turning and turning and
2015-02-18 23:01 MST

My blogging has been sparse these past two weeks, but my days have been rather full. As you know (Bob), I've been in the middle of several "sagas" for some time now. How much time? Oh, several weeks, or several months, or even a couple of years, depending . . . .

Puzzle Pirates Examiner: Puzzle Pirates blockade schedule for the weekend of February 14-15
2015-02-14 13:26 MST

Time! Time is the problem. Incompatible time zones. Real life conflicts. What happens if you announce a blockade, and the defending flag monarch can't come? Well, either you reschedule, or you accuse them of ulterior motives. Depends on...

actually writing blog: this fictionette would prefer better company, and intends to find some
2015-02-13 23:35 MST

It's Friday! Barely. By the skin of its teeth. Nevertheless: Behold, a Friday Fictionette! It is called "If on a Winter's Night Two Travellers..." because I fancy that I am clever. (Honestly, it's been too long since I've read the Calvino and I've got no i . . . .

actually writing blog: the sun always shines on tv but we don't get cable
2015-02-12 23:23 MST

I'm not at the fun part of the short story revision. Is there a fun part? I hear that there is. But then I mostly hear that from writers who like the revision phase, so I'm not sure if I believe them. I believe it's fun for them, but I'm not sure the expe . . . .

actually writing blog: having cross words with my bridges
2015-02-10 21:12 MST

So, about that injured knee. Today, our emphasis shifted from regaining range of motion to strength and motion training. This is good news. It is also exhausting. Unlike previous appointments, I didn't spend any time lying on the table while the physica . . . .

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