“A poet can survive everything but a misprint.”
Oscar Wilde

author: Nicole J. LeBoeuf

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Notes from the author:

Maria Dahvana Headley has written a beautiful short story, ďIvory Darts, Golden Arrows,Ē which you may read for yourself in Uncanny Magazine. And you should, because itís glorious. It takes a fresh look at love letters and lust, cupids and postmistresses, gender and godhood and choice and the seasons, and it mixes them all up thoroughly. Itís a lush and gorgeous read, and a little erotic besides.

This story is not nearly as ambitious. All it has in common with that one is that itís about cupids. Cupids, and other gods.

Cupids are nasty, selfish little jerks. They have less empathy and social awareness than a trickster god, and thatís saying something. Popular media has them flitting around, pairing people up into unexpected happily ever afters, but thatís bull. Cupids arenít in it for anyoneís happily ever after. Theyíre just in it to get laid. Theyíre horrible little serial rapists, is what they are, their love-barbs nothing more than supernatural roofies.

One of them had set his sights on Michaela while she tended her bar on Florida Street. And itís not like Michaela didnít have enough problems. She was coming into a storm of legal troubles. Some assholeís parents got their noses in matching slings over her having reported their sonís fake ID. Theyíd decided to teach her a lesson by reporting her for serving alcohol to minors. Well-meaning friends had insisted she had nothing to worry about, sheíd carded the brat and confiscated the fake, that was an unassailable defense. But Michaela knew how easy it was for people with money to stack an investigation. Besides, the troublemaker had friends, and they had friends, and a lot of them had fake IDs of their own. Michaela and her staff only had to slip up once to wind up head down in the outhouse.

So thatís what was on her mind when the cupid walked into to the bar. He was tall, fair-haired, apparently young, good-looking in a tousled kind of way. In a college town within ten miles of three different tourist beaches, he didnít stand out. Michaela noticed the cupid only as a new customer approaching the bar. She was in the middle of fixing a double gin and tonic for a regular. ďIíll be with you in just a moment,Ē she called.

The cupid didnít wait. He made his move....

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