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Neil Gaiman

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YPP Weekend NON-Blockades, December 23-24: that jazz thing just got real yo
Sat 2017-12-23 13:37:04 (in context)

Ahoy! As you will recall, there are no blockades this weekend. Though brigand king scuttling is an explicit exception to the holiday blockade closure, no one appears to have taken advantage of it. Meanwhile, some event blockades have been scheduled for the next couple-three days, but those go beyond my remit to chronicle.

But there are other things to bother you with! Like this:

Remember Jazz the Twitch Streamer and the 24-hour Sailing For St. Jude event? Coming up on January the 6th? Well. The event notice has been updated with PRIZES on offer for...

  • Top Donator
  • Best Coach
  • Best Cheerleader

Actual prizes still to be announced, but Jazz assures us there will be some. Check out the original post for details on how to qualify.

In other news, Lanlaiely has announced the winners of Midnight Yacht Club's jobber raffle, held during last weekend's successful attack on Admiral Finius at Hephaestus' Forge. Follow that link to see if your name is on the lucky list. If it is, you have until January 1 to claim your prize.

I think that's all--at least, that's all the news I can find on the forums. If you want more news than that, you better ought to make some yourself. Have fun this weekend and give the brigands a cannonball to the broadsides for me!