“If they weren't solidly real dragons... it wouldn't have been worth doing.”
Jo Walton

author: Nicole J. LeBoeuf

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Email sent. Fingers crossed.
Sun 2006-01-15 23:45:00 (in context)
  • 3,000 words (if poetry, lines) long

The essay has been sent. Nevermind that it's three-quarters-past-midnight on the 16th; I have at last finished and submitted my "geek" essay. With any luck the editors will let the extra 45 minutes slide and they'll read it anyway.

I'm not as happy with it as I might be, but the ending made my nose prickle and my eyes water, so I guess the right chords get hit by the end. I'm not entirely sure my Mom would be as happy with it as I'd want her to, either; hopefully she'll take it in the spirit with which it's intendend.

And yes, yes I know, I had misspelled Jane Austen's name in my previous entry. All better now, see?

There. Now. On to other things with deadlines.