“Thank you, God. My character is all built up now. You can stop.”
Debra Doyle

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Goal Post: Mon. Jul 10
Mon 2006-07-10 08:30:42 (in context)
  • 51,743 words (if poetry, lines) long
  • 18.75 hrs. revised

OK, so, it's nine-ish. Blearrrrgh. Bad enough that I was working until 2:00 AM this morning. Worse that I stayed up another couple hours with John working samurai sudoku puzzles. Blearrrgh, say I. Bleeaarrrghghgh.

Today, the plan is to do this stuff here:

  • Another 3000 words on the freelance gig [Never got there]
  • Revise chap.s 3 & 4 of Golden Bridle and email to beta(s) [9:17 AM, July 11. Only ch 3, actually]
  • Critique a story over at Critters [Done as of 3:15 AM]
  • Pop my head back in at Critique Circle [Done as of 3:25 AM]
I was gonna be all gung-ho and say "4500 words" but that would be insane, because I will be spending the hours of 1 to 5 PM at the Boulder County Clerk's office learning how to run the electronic voting machines for use by the disabled. I'm-a gonna be an election judge again this year. This time, I checked my calendar. There will be no lateness getting to the precinct due to being stuck in Raton Pass this time, because I'll be getting home from my travels two days before the primaries. So there. Plus, snow is not expected in August.

This, by the way, is your friendly reminder that you should plan on voting. It's easy, it's non-fattening, and it's your civic duty. Do it if you know what's good for you.

(Ha ha. I made a funny. Get it? Get the funny? See, if you know what's good for you, you'll vote for what's good for you. Get it?)

(OK, so I'm bad at making funnies. Blearrrgh.)

Right. Moment-o-truth is later on this evening, probably quite late indeed.

11:18 PM - Definitely "quite late." We're talking all-nighter here. It's OK though. We're approaching the full moon. Pagans run on Lunar power, right? (grumble grumble) But about that, more later.