“If you want to read the mystic story written in your future, you'd better start to write it now.”
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this fictionette didn't even want to catch a bus
Mon 2015-03-30 23:41:49 (single post)
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As promised, the Friday Fictionette for March 27. I wasn't able to get it up over the weekend after all--that's the last time I predict that a weekend's roller derby content will "go a little easier on me." (How can three hours in one day be almost as exhausting as six hours over two days? I don't get it. I really don't get it.) In any case, here it is. It's called "Not Fade Away," it's about a sinister birthday gift (among other things) and you can read an excerpt here and also here.

After "The Divorce Arch," this one was a relief to write: much more fun, much less complicated, much less fraught with unfortunate implications. It was just a straightforward urban fantasy of the "subtle portal fantasy" design--which is to say, the main character doesn't realize it when they cross from the world of the everyday into the world of the fantastical. They're going along their normal, mundane life, when suddenly The Weird intrudes and nothing will be the same again. You don't get to Refuse The Call. You're in it now, whether you want to or not.

As they say: Life is what happens to you when you're making other plans.

With this Friday Fictionette, I am all caught up at last. With any luck I'll be right on time with tomorrow's Fictionette Freebie and the first Friday Fictionette of April. I may also start producing the promised audio versions Very Soon Now. Turns out, I proofread by reading aloud anyway so I might as well do the reading aloud into a microphone and an Audacity project file. I just figured this out tonight, so, yes, there is already a recording of "Not Fade Away." Not sure what, if any, I'll do for musical accompaniment. My piano's out of tune, and it won't get tuned until we move (next week! Eek!). Maybe I'll tootle on my flute.

So. Moving! That begins happening after we close on the purchase on April 7. The bulk of the moving-stuff ordeal will be April 8--but the bulk of the planning will be tomorrow. I have all of the phone calls to make. And then we're going to start transporting the contents of our closets to storage.

In other words, please do not expect any miracles of literary productivity out of me this week or next. And maybe not the week after that, either, since that's the week culminating in the Bleeding Heartlands B-Cup Tournament. Oh dear. Basically, I'm just about going to manage fictionettes and daily blogging; anything beyond that should be considered pure buttercream frosting. (Mmm, frosting.)