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On Constant-Content Sales
Wed 2006-11-29 09:03:48 (single post)
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Hullo. Update: Another article of mine at Constant-Content has sold. It's called Awaken to Dreams: Begin to Remember." It's part of a series, which fact I hope will tempt those who purchase one-time rights to it to become repeat customers. As usual, my friendly blog readers, should you see it somewhere on teh interweebs, check that my name is attached to it like it oughtter be, 'k? In this case, what was sold was "usage rights," which means my by-line stays, they don't make edits, they only get to publish it once and in one place only, and I get to license it to others.

Aha! Found it. Guess who bought it? AvivaDirectory, that's who. And again, no by-line! I'm going to remind them again, but that they did it a second time after being told not to? That's really disrespectful.

"Ten Surprising Facts About Ten U.S. Dollars" has finally surfaced, but oh the shame of it! The person who purchased exclusive rights to it is trying to pass it off as their own work! My by-line is missing. I have notified them of the requirement they seem to have overlooked, but they have seen fit to ignore me. It's over here. It has a comment section. You know what to do.

Correction! AvivaDirectory HAVE added my by-line to the piece! They are in compliance with Constant-Content's policies... BARELY. They tacked my name on right at the end, which was why I overlooked it. Silly me, I was looking at the place where authors' by-lines usually go. You know, under and immediately following the title? I have requested that they move it, but they are not obliged to, at least not by the letter of the licensing policy. So I rescind my previous "sic 'em" command. Play nice y'all.

(Still haven't located the purchaser of "Untying the Knot," while we're on the subject. Google turns up nothing. Oh well.)

I Iz Published Agin! ...maybe
Wed 2006-08-02 10:17:13 (single post)
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Just got an email from Constant Content. Apparently, this sweet little erotica short-short that I wrote up in response to someone's request for fiction featuring their lingerie catalog... sold.

The buyer wishes to remain anonymous. I have no idea where it's going to be published.

If any of y'all happen to Google it up before I do, lemme know, 'K? (And if it shows up without my byline, really let me know, 'cause the rights they bought doesn't allow removal of my byline. And every request currently having to do with lingerie seems to ask for the set of rights include byline removal. So I'm worried they might've made a mistake. We Shall See.)



Selling out for fun and profit! Well, for fun, anyway.
Thu 2005-09-29 22:38:19 (single post)
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It's Thursday. I wrote. It wasn't Novelling, but it was a lot less worthless than some of the other things I do that aren't Novelling.

It went something like this...

One of my (many) (unrealistically optimistic) goals is to usefully split my writing hours between novels, short stories, and the more lucrative but less artistic freelance stuff. The splitting thing hasn't been happening yet; a day tends thus far to fall in one camp or another rather than time-sharing between them. I have discovered myself to be inordinately susceptible to the siren song of "Yay, I did something! Good for me! I can slack off now." So after doing one thing, I tend to turn into a bum for the rest of the day. (It's a known character flaw. I'm working on it.) But for not having that quite under control yet, I seem to have actually spent time in both the "freelance" and "short stories" quadrants today. I'm pretty pleased with the outcome: a resume, a successful (thus far) job application, and a brand new short-short all polished and ready for prime-time--for those values of "prime-time" which appreciate/publish tawdry little soft-erotica tease pieces. (Shocked, just shocked, you are. I know.)

Bonus link! If anyone reading this is interested in quick daily lists of freelance leads, I gotcher smack righteer.